Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale

Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful city dotted with luxurious neighborhoods. Celebrities and wealthy people alike flock to the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale year-round. It is no surprise that picking the top 3 neighborhoods was no easy feat.

Fort Lauderdale offers incredible luxury amenities and a great school district, and private schools as well. Delicious restaurants are also spread throughout various areas. The cultural diversity also adds to Fort Lauderdale’s beauty and allure.

Here are Fort Lauderdale’s most expensive neighborhoods:


The city of Fort Lauderdale is one that has a lot of history running through its streets and where can the very roots of this history be discovered other than in the Las Olas Boulevard?

The neighborhood of Las Olas can be found between the sandy stretch of the A1A beach and the cresting path of the Intracoastal Waterways. The houses sprinkled along this boulevard have price tags going up to tens of millions and the homeowners are also owners of some of the yachts sprinkled on the waterway. This neighborhood serves as home to several nightlife establishments, shopping centers, restaurants and tropical trees that give it the air of a tropical paradise.

The most beautiful places to note in this neighborhood for individuals looking for a reason to splurge on a home or vacation home here include the pristine A1A beach that is every beach lover’s dream to the Elbow Room. The many waterways surrounding the neighborhood have earned it the nickname of small Venice and this is quite obvious in meaning. To see some of Las Olas top luxury homes click here.


Harbor Beach is a neighborhood which most individuals tend to overlook thereby earning it the tagline of being a well-kept secret. A majority of the appeal of the neighborhood is the fact that the water and the Seabreeze Boulevard shelter it away from the curiosity of others and also, the two guard gates present at the entrance into the subdivision have a lot of people turning around.

This neighborhood has a lot of perks like the marina, private beach club, prime access to the inlet for boaters, fresh sea water leading up to Lake Sylvia, island streets, and jaw-dropping architecture. All this not only make the Harbor Beach a luxurious neighborhood but also one of the most exclusive ones around. The personal ships, boats, and yachts found on this bit of paradise belong to the residents of the Harbor Beach.

Many of those luxurious personal ships you’ll see, there’s a good chance they tie up behind a home in Harbor Beach.


Rio Vista came into being in the 1920s period where it was more or less a swampy area. The late 90’s saved the neighborhood steadily undergo a revamp with swamps giving way to beautiful modern architecture and bringing about one of the more luxurious neighborhoods of the Fort Lauderdale area. Those early homes that later gave way to beautiful sprawling mansions and villas were craftsman wood style cottages and a mix of minute Spanish bungalows which still help to add a bit of character to the modern buildings there now.

The presence of smaller lots gives the neighborhood the look of being a jungle playground as a result of the canopies of trees everywhere. Young children can be seen having fun on the back of golf carts as this is the preferred transportation means while in the neighborhood. Other attractions are the 17th Street, restaurants like Valentino Cucina Italiana and Grateful Palate and the many bridges that lead up to Las Olas.

Considerations in Picking a Top Real Estate Agent

There are several things you have to take into consideration in case you wish to be able to hire top real estate agents. An important variable to consider is the historical backdrop of offer costs for equivalent homes in your general vicinity.

A great real estate agent will have the capacity to give you a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA, which demonstrates to you the offers of practically identical homes in your area for as long as six months. A nearby agent would likewise have the capacity to give you the full story behind these numbers and edify you in the matter of how this would affect your own deal.

Basic Considerations in Picking a Top Real Estate Agent

You will likewise need to discover how the real estate agent anticipates showcasing your home. There are various approaches to promote property in today’s media market, and you would prefer not to pick an agent who restricts your purchase pool with a particular approach. Don’t hesitate to approach your agent and ask about their marketing procedure because you are the one who would receive the impact from their actions. A couple of the top showcasing strategies that are used today incorporate open house reviews, post office based mail publicizing, the web, daily papers, and magazines. Most agents will utilize these all the time.

You can solicit particularly how and when each of these will be actualized to offer your home. One particular thing to ask would be regardless of whether your agent anticipates utilizing an expert picture taker. This is essential since one of the main ways that purchasers will screen potential properties is over the web. In the event that they see low-quality photographs that don’t flaunt the property’s best elements, they may pick up a negative impression. This could keep the purchaser from appreciating your home since initial introductions are one of the most pivotal points.

How to Sell Luxury Real Estate

One of the most important things to pay attention to when you are in need of a real estate agent is whether they have experienced photographer that would take pictures of your house flatteringly. This is especially important to show off the quality of your luxury real estate. Buyers may depend fundamentally on web photographs as a component of their underlying determination preparation procedure. The web assumes an essential part in offering your home.There are various techniques that can be utilized to showcase your home, however, a smooth approach isn’t all that matters.

Tips on How to Sell Luxury Real Estate

You’ll have to measure every marketing technique’s expenses and advantages since you will pay for the promoting. You ought to see whether there will be any forthright expenses, or if these are secured by the real estate agent’s charges. In spite of the fact that publicizing is utilized to flaunt your property, keep in mind that it additionally promotes your real estate agent also. Any movement that your home posting creates can be profited on by areal estate agent for leads on different properties he or she is representing. You ought to pick a real estate agent who will adjust the promoting costs with the measure of purchasers who express enthusiasm for your home.

You need an agent who doesn’t simply create starting interest, but additionally honest to goodness purchasers who will complete offers. This is especially important for luxury homes especially because it can be hard to sell an expensive property. Alas, a decent real estate agent will have the capacity to give you a moral, legitimate evaluation of your property and regardless of whether any changes could be expected to enhance its esteem. They will have the capacity to give you particular tips to offer your home at the most noteworthy benefit.